“Ever since I was a little girl I’ve enjoyed making my own private rules and living by them. I was a very independent, super-serious type of girl (….) Being tough isn’t of itself a bad thing. Looking back on it, though, I can see I was too used to being strong, and never tried to understand those who were weak (…) .Whenever I saw a person in trouble, somebody paralysed by events, I decided it was entirely their fault – they just weren’t trying hard enough (…) My outlook on life was unshakeable and practical, but lacked any human warmth. And not a single person around me pointed this out. (…) I was alive in the past and I am alive now, sitting here talking to you. But what you see here isn’t really me. This is just a shadow of who I was. You are really living. But I’m not. Even these words I’m saying right now sound empty, like an echo.”

Murakami. Sputnik Sweetheart